Pack NXT Shape

  • Pack NXT Shape
  • Pack NXT Shape
  • Pack NXT Shape
  • Pack NXT Shape
  • Pack NXT Shape
  • Pack NXT Shape

This bundle has been designed to help you achieve a toned and lean silhouette. A 30-day meal plan made of 21 delicious recipes, an intense at-home workout planning with free resistance bands, the 3 new NXT Shape shakes… Get ready to create your NXT Shape!

This bundle contains

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Pack NXT Shape

In order to help you achieve your goal of a toned and lean body, the NXT Level experts have designed the 30-day NXT Shape program. It relies on

  1. A varied and balanced diet, that matches your needs
  2. Intense, at-home, 20-minute workouts to tone up your body
  3. The NXT Shape Lean Shakes to avoid cravings and feel fuller for longer.

Therefore, this bundle contains all the tools for you to follow this program:

  • The NXT Shape Lean Shakes (all three flavors: Coconut, Forest fruits and Choco Hazelnut)
  • The NXT Shape Nutrition Booklet, containing 21 delicious lean recipes allocated in a 30-day meal plan
  • The NXT Shape Workout Booklet, with 4 workouts to perform wherever and whenever you want
  • A set of resistance bands, needed to perform some of the exercises of the workout booklet
  • A shaker

  • Complete pack to achieve a toned and lean body
  • 30-day workout program
  • 30-day meal plan
  • 30-day supply of NXT Shape Lean Shake
  • Resistance bands
  • Shaker included
  • With this bundle you save € 15,95