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Resistance bands


Resistance bands

This set comprises 3 color-coded loop bands with varying resistance: light, medium and heavy resistance for respectively the red (resistance = 2,3 kg), grey (resistance = 6,8 kg) and black (resistance = 11,3 kg) bands.

This set of 3 high-quality resistance bands will be the new sponsor of your booty classes. They will add light to heavy resistance to your exercises to activate your glutes and maximize the intensity of your workouts.

And why would you wait to go to the gym to level up your booty game? The bands can be used throughout the day to add resistance to your daily activities.

For the men reading this description, these bands are also made for you! Even though working on your glutes is not to avoid (yes, this description is written by women :)), you can use the NXT Level resistance bands to increase the difficulty of all kinds of upper-body workouts: arms, back, chest, abs…

Super light, they fit in even a small bag and can therefore be a solution for efficient workouts when you are travelling.

  • Set of 3 color-coded loop bands
  • Red = Light, Grey = Medium and Black = Heavy
  • Made of 100% natural latex, eco-friendly and waterproof


Use resistance bands during sport session