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This is the privacy statement of NXT Level Sports Nutrition, Wegalaan 60, 2132 JC Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, registered in the Dutch Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 34314877, and specifically applicable for

Why do we have a privacy statement?

If you want to buy a product in the NXT Level Sports Nutrition webshop and therefore visit the website, we need certain personal information from you. We want to be transparent about the processing of your personal data by us and that is why we have produced this privacy statement. We handle your personal data with the utmost care and comply with the laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Below we have listed which of your data we process, why we do it, and how we handle your personal data. In addition, it explains how you can change the processing of your personal data. Because we are a dynamic company in a rapidly developing environment, it is important that we update our privacy statement from time to time. We therefore reserve the right to change this privacy statement at any time. You can always find the most current statement on the website We therefore advise you to visit this page regularly.

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If you buy a product in the NXT Level Sports Nutrition webshop, you need to fill in an online form that asks for the necessary details for the processing of your purchase.

Which personal data are processed by us?

In relation to your purchase in the NXT Level Sports Nutrition webshop, personal data will be processed. According to the GDPR, personal data is “any information about an identified or identifiable natural person”. These are any data that can be traced directly or indirectly to you as an individual. For the processing of your purchase, we process the following data: first name, last name, address, postal code, place of residence, telephone number and e-mail address.

Are cookies used?

The NXT Level Sports Nutrition webshop uses cookies when offering its services. You can read about what cookies are and what types of cookies we use in the Cookie statement on the website

How do we safeguard your data?

We have appropriate technical and organizational security measures in place to protect personal data against loss, destruction or damage, unauthorized access, or any other form of unlawful processing of your personal data. We do this by having in place physical and organizational measures for access security, protecting all desktops with user name, password, and authorization management so that your data is only accessible for the employees involved in relation to the purchase. But also by keeping software up-to-date and regularly testing our security systems.

How long do we keep your data?

The personal data provided by you when purchasing a product without an account will be kept for a period of 6 months after the date of sending the purchase to you. The personal data provided by you when creating an account will be kept for a period of 2 years after this account is no longer active.

Is information provided to third parties?

In principle, we do not provide or sell data to third parties. We may be required under the law or regulations to process your personal data and/or provide it to third parties. For example, if a competent authority, such as the police, requests this in the context of a criminal investigation.

What influence do I have over the processing of my personal data?

Data subjects have a number of rights under the GDPR. Everyone has the right to view, correct, or add to their personal details, to have them corrected or added to, to have them deleted, to request a restriction to processing, to have them transferred, and to object to the processing of his or her personal data. Below is a brief explanation of the various rights.

Access to data

You have the right to inspect your personal data and to receive a copy of it.

Rectification of data

You have the right to have your personal data corrected if these are incorrect and have them added to if they are incomplete.

Deletion of data

You can request to delete your personal data and this request must be complied with in the following cases: because the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or processed, because you have withdrawn your consent, because you have successfully objected to its processing, because the personal data have been processed unlawfully, or to comply with a legal obligation.

Restriction to processing

You have the right to request and be granted a restriction to processing in a number of specific cases: during the period of dispute as to the correctness of personal data and the checking thereof, if the processing turned out to be unlawful but you do not want the data to be deleted, if we do not need the data anymore but you need the data for a legal claim, and when you object to the processing and you are awaiting a reply to the objection. You request that your personal data be blocked (temporarily locked) with the aim of restricting processing in the future.

Portability of data

You have the right to have your data transferred. This means you can request and receive a copy of your personal data that could then be used by another service provider, for example. The data will be provided in a structured, current, and machine-readable form. This might mean an Excel file, CSV file, or otherwise downloadable format. This right only applies if the processing of the data is based on consent or an agreement and if the processing is carried out via automated procedures.

Objections to processing

You have the right at all times, on the grounds of reasons relating to your specific situation, to object, when your interests weigh more heavily, (i) to the processing of your personal data on the grounds of a general public service or a service assigned to us in the context of exercising official authority and (ii) if the processing is necessary for the protection of our legitimate interests or a third party. If your personal data are processed for direct marketing, you may also object to this processing at any time as well as to any profiling that relates to direct marketing.

File a complaint

You have the right to file a complaint about how we handle your data. When you have a complaint, we will do our best to resolve it ourselves. In addition, you always have the right to contact the Data Protection Authority with your complaint. If you want to exercise one of your rights, you may do so as follows: You can send your request by email to Or you can send a request by post to:

NXT Level Sports Nutrition
Postbus 8817
1006 AJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Always state the nature of your request: “Inspection request”, “rectification request”, etc., stating your name, address and telephone number. For verification we will send you an email at the email address registered with us that will include an invitation to confirm your request via an attached link. You will receive a response within one month of receipt of your request at the latest.

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