Protein Shake - Strawberry - 6 Bottles

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Protein Shake - Strawberry - 6 Bottles

This delicious soft and fruity drink contains 25g of protein per bottle. It's perfect for increasing your daily protein intake while on the go.

Nice fuel

NXT Level High Protein Smoothie is an easy, nutritious and delicious drink for those on the go. It's a tasty combination of simplicity and effectiveness!

This protein-rich shake with a fruity strawberry flavor is not only tasty, but also contains 25 grams of protein per portion and only 144 kilocalories. This makes it the perfect ready-made solution for anyone who wants to quickly add extra proteins to their diet.

Thanks to the handy packaging in bottles of 330 milliliters, it is also an easy solution for anyone who is often on the road.

Best served chilled, just shake and enjoy!

  • Ready-to-use protein shake to promote muscle growth
  • 25g protein per bottle
  • Fruity strawberry flavor
  • 144 calories per bottle
  • Ideal after a workout or on the go


Ingredients: skimmed milk (50%), water, milk proteins (6,9%), strawberry juice from concentrate (0,5%), stabilizers: cellulose, cellulose gum, polyphosphates, carrageenan; flavouring, salt, colour: carmine; sweetener: sucralose.

Nutritional value /100 ml

/ 330 ml


183 kJ/         

44 kcal  

604 kJ/  

144 kcal  


0,1 g 

0,5 g 

of which saturated fatty acids

0,1 g 

0,3 g 


2,9 g 

9,6 g 

of which sugars

2,9 g 

9,6 g 


7,6 g 

25 g 


0,17 g 

0,55 g 

Drink one bottle straight after a workout or throughout the day. Shake well before opening. Once opened keep refrigerated and drink within 24h. Consume as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

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