Nutrition is one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy and balanced diet, that matches your current needs, is the key to achieve your goal(s): weight loss, muscle growth, weight maintenance...

We have set up a calculator that will help you identify your calorie needs, depending on your goal. It now goes one step further! It also uses all the information provided to calculate your personalized macronutrients ratio, starting with a tailored estimation of your protein needs.

You will then find a selection of products that fit your goal.



How to identify your activity level?

The table below describes the different activity levels. Think about your daily activities and the frequency and intensity of your workouts, and choose the level that fits the most.


If you want to reach a certain sports goal, it is important to adjust your calorie intake to be able to reach this goal. Every goal has different caloric needs and these needs depend on multiple factors like gender, age, height, weight, etc. How many calories do you need as a man each day? And how many calories do you need as a woman? How many calories to lose weight? Or how many calories to gain muscle mass…? Calculating your specific needs can be quite difficult because it depends on multiple factors, that’s why we created a calorie calculator that will do all the work for you!

With our calorie calculator your caloric needs in order to reach your goal are estimated within a few seconds. Our calculator also shows how much macronutrients (or macros) you could consume daily. Macronutrients consist of carbs, protein and fat. For example, when you want to gain muscle mass, it is important to adapt your daily protein intake to reach this.

When you have calculated your caloric needs with our calorie calculator, you can easily construct your diet. You can use our supplements as a convenient addition to reach your goals. Don’t forget that supplements are an addition and never a replacement of food! Underneath the results of the calorie calculator you can find which supplements fit with your goal and needs. 

How does the calculator work? How was it set up? What are macronutrients? Read the Calculator FAQ and find the answers.