Victor Jimenez

"Since I was a child I liked sports. I started with playing football, but little by little I became passionate about sports. The reason why I started exercising was the moment sport became my passion, I turned it into my way of life and I don’t understand my life without exercising. My training goal is to keep fit by increasing my physical condition and gain muscle mass in order to face the challenges of everyday life. I train 3 to 5 days a week to achieve the objectives that I have set. Currently I use the NXT Level pre-workout to prepare for the training session, the bcaa to incorporate those essential amino acids into my body to be able to perform my workouts at the highest level, Whey isolate proteins so that my recovery is magnificent and my muscle growth and maintenance is exceptional, and finally I always take NXT Level multivitamins and omega3 oil, so that my body has all the necessary vitamins every day and my heart has the optimal level of fatty acids for proper functioning!"

Instagram: @lozawini