Three and a half years ago I started my fitness journey because it helped me a lot to clear my head. I was struggling with my self-image at the time and had not much self confidence. I started to delve into the subjects about fitness and nutrition.

Later I ended up in a burn-out. Because I wasn’t feeling well at the time, so I stopped exercising. When I got better, I picked it up again and started working on my mindset everyday. I got a lot of positive energy out of it and felt so much better and more energetic after every visit to the gym. I now realize that everything starts and ends with your mindset.

I also pay a lot of attention to healthy food and nutrition and I love the protein bars from NXT Level! They promote my muscle growth and taste great.

My goal is to be the best version of myself by constantly challenging myself, improving and learning. Now I’m living my dream and passion. I am an online lifestyle coach and I am allowed to help, inspire and motivate others. I am very grateful for that!

Instagram: @valescavdv