Valentin Forgeron

'I started physical activity from a very young age but especially very seriously with a personal trainer for 4 years when I started padel in order to be efficient quickly to have the best results. The reason why I started a physical activity is above all for my well being and my health. There is no age to start and I really encourage everyone to get active to stay in shape! My goal is to be even more explosive, enduring to be successful in the next competitions to come! By putting all the odds on my side by working with a personal trainer who allows me to outdo myself at each session and to be supervised in the execution of movements and to have a coherent training planning. I use BCAAs, RAW Energy bar and Peanut Boost protein bars, Vitamin C or Multivitamins, omega 3, Magnesium and Vitamin D3.'

Instagram:  @val_frg