Naomi Veneboer

'I've been doing Fitness for 3,5 years now, before that I always played soccer. The reason I started exercising was because I had moved and actually wanted to start exercising again. I didn't know what I wanted to do. There's a gym at the end of our street, so I went there to take a look and actually never left. my training goal is to get back in shape. I've been doing less sports lately, because I'm busy with graduation and of course because of the whole corona situation. I try to achieve this goal by training at home every now and then, but my gyms also have a possibility to train outside, so I'm definitely making use of this now. Furthermore, I try to plan constant training moments and I pay attention to my nutrition. I use my NXT Level shaker every workout! I also take a bar on a regular basis and use the bcaa's during my workout. I've also just received all new products, so I definitely need to test them!'

Instagram:  @naomi_.v