Manon Kleijn

"I started training in October last year. Before this I had never taken a step into the gym. De reason why I started training is because my boyfriend advised me. It didn't go well with me at all. My boyfriend has been training for a number of years and dragged me along to the gym. He was my personal trainer haha. After a few weeks I saw some progression, this motivated me to train more.
I started to make goals like healthier lifestyle, become fitter but mostly to create a stronger version of myself. Literally and figuratively. We train six times a week and I try through the right exercises, nutrition and of course the supplements from NXT Level to reach my goals. After my training a protein shake, during the training bcaa, one time a day creatine and before bedtime a scoop casein for optimal muscle recovery. I am not there yet, but I am very happy to see progress in my physically and mentally health."

Instagram: @manonkleijnx