Kyah Kloof

'I started exercising in 2017. There was a time where I looked at myself in photos and didn't like myself, I was too fat. I didn't feel comfortable in my body.

I decided to really reduce my food intake (and switching to healthier food) and I started doing cardio. After a year I had lost 20 kilos! I was so proud! But I didn't like cardio at all, so I started looking for other activities. I started with weights, and I started practicing and learning good technique. I learnt that I really liked it and that I enjoy going to the gym.

I can challenge myself by lifting heavier weights and doing a new exercise. It has been more than 2 years since I started and feel good about myself. I work hard every day to make progress and to look even better! Now I use Instagram to share my progression and to inspire you all.'

Instagram: @fitgirl.kyah