Danique van Limbeek

"I started with karate when I was 7 years old and after a few years I started to do karate competitions. After becoming better I saw that only karate training was not enough, so since 3 years I go to the gym. At the moment I am in the Dutch National team karate and the gym helps me to improve my explosiveness and strength, to become a better and stronger karate athlete.
I try to reach this goal by going 2 or 3 times a week to the gym, next to my karate trainings. The NXT Level products help me to recover faster after an intensive training. Furthermore, the products are a good addition to my healthy diet. I use the multivitamins to get all the minerals every day that I need. Next to that, I love the cheesecake muscle builder bars and Whey Protein 80 chocolate, as they support muscle growth and the good part, they taste amazing! From the Whey Protein you can also make amazing healthy protein brownies"

Instagram: @Daniquevlimbeek