Britt van t hart

"I started exercising at a young age. I swam in national championship competitions until I was 21. After that I fanatically started with fitness 5 a 6 times a week. Now I fitness a bit less because of all the pressure, so 4 times a week. Besides that a do kickbox. Swimming is something I'm not out of practice yet and I still do it regularly in the summer. I also participated in 5km of open water for swim to fight cancer.
The reason why I started with sports was because I really like sport a lot and I was good at competitive swimming. And now fitness and kickboxing has become totally my thing! I don't think I can do without sports either.
My trainings goal is to stay fit, feeling good about myself and just keeping my body shape! I'm lucky I don't have the tendency to get fat fast. I have a slim waist, but also a boody and muscular legs. I would like my legs to be a bit drier, but that is a tricky point for me.
To reach this goal I try to eat clean, but diets I've never tried. Just compensate well and move with it.
I use the protein from NXTLevel to eat enough proteins. Besides that I use the vitamins, Omega 3 and magnesium in order to get this enough" 

Instagram: @britt.vanthart