Weight Loss Bundle - with Free Guide and Menus


  • Weight Loss Bundle - with Free Guide and Menus
  • Weight Loss Bundle - with Free Guide and Menus

If you want to lose weight, but don't know where to start, what to eat or how to use the products, this bundle of products, now with a free Weight Loss guide and 7 menus, is made for you.

This bundle contains

  • Core Weight Loss Bundle - with Free Guide and Menus

    NXT Level Weight Loss Booklet


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Weight Loss Bundle - with Free Guide and Menus


Weight loss is the result of a regular physical activity associated to a varied and balanced diet presenting a slight calorie deficit.

Okay, nice… But does that tell you what YOU (not your neighbor, your friend nor your cat, but YOU) should eat and do to lose weight?

That’s not an easy guess. Right? The experts of NXT Level Sports Nutrition put together the Weight Loss bundle to help you build YOUR weight loss journey. This new version adds to the usual Whey Protein Powder and Burner Caps a free NXT Level Guide to Weight Loss and 7 menus – and a shaker of course.

How should you use the items of the NXT Level Weight loss?

  • NXT Level Guide: The NXT Level guide to weight loss gives you pieces of advice to support a sustainable weight loss process. These are not the guidelines for the next fad diet that will make you lose 5kg in 2 days (and make you gain 10kg back the third one…) but the starting line of your new and healthier lifestyle that leads to weight loss. We won’t tell you to eat only apples or eggs for a week but will show you how to build a healthy and varied diet that matches your needs. BTW, you will also need to calculate YOUR needs, using our calculator online. For a sneak peek of the booklet, click here.
  • 7-Day Meal Plan: Now, time to answer a very practical question: what do YOU eat today ? When people think about a weight loss diet, they usually imagine boring and tasteless plates, no diversity, a few watery soups here and there… you get the idea… nothing fancy! We literally take your weight loss diet to the NXT Level with 7 ideas of very appetizing daily menus with 3 main meals associated to 1, 2 or even 3 snacks! Furthermore, each 2000 calories menu comes with tips to adjust each plate to fit YOUR calorie needs, calculated just before. They then show you how you can prepare easy and tasty meals that will help you reach your goals. See an example here!
  • Whey Protein 80: You also get 1 pouch of 750g of Whey Protein 80. The menus will give you a clear idea of how to use protein powder in your diet to reach your weight loss goal. But let’s be clear here, it’s not a meal replacement. You can use a protein shake as a snack, or add a scoop to your morning shake or even to make recipes in order to meet your daily protein intake requirements.
  • Burner Caps: The bundle also contains the BURNER CAPS. As usual, nothing magical here! But we always told you that when associated to a healthy and balanced diet, the BURNER CAPS will support your weight loss. So there you go! With the menus and guidelines, you can create the ideal environment for the BURNER CAPS and give a boost to your weight loss!
  • Shaker: And last, you get a free shaker! Although there are plenty of ways to use protein powders, a shaker might come handy! And you get it for free!

The result: a weight loss journey made easier for YOU! On the top of that, you will actually get the basics of a healthy lifestyle that will help YOU achieve long term results!

Ready for this journey? Let’s start then!


Weight Loss Bundle - with Free Guide and Menus

For more information about each product of the pack, see the description on the product page:

Suggested Use

Weight Loss Bundle - with Free Guide and Menus

If you want to know how to use the products, check the guide + menus provided with your pack or the product page :

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