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NXT Shape is a program that combines nutrition and fitness to help you achieve a lean and toned body. The NXT Shape Lean shakes come along with 2 booklets giving you thorough guidelines to reach your goals.


NXT SHAPE, ONE BUNDLE, a 3-step strategy

  • The NXT Shape Nutrition booklet

    Nutrition guidelines 30-day meal plan to adapt to your needs

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  • The NXT Shape Workout booklet

    30-day workout planning 4 high intensity workouts to tone your body with fully detailed in pictures and videos

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  • The NXT Shape lean shakes

    Lean protein shakes, low in carbs and fat. Designed to help you avoid cravings and increase satiety

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What we believe in

This program is made for you if:

  • You want to get a lean and toned body, but need realistic guidelines that are easy to follow
  • You know the whole story about healthy diet and regular physical activity but don’t know where to start or what to do
  • You know that you need to follow a healthy diet to reach your goal but are struggling with cravings
  • You want to push yourself to the next level and hence achieve your target
  • You want to avoid fad diets, and prefer a sustainable way to reach your goal

The NXT Level experts have designed this program to answer your needs. It combines nutrition and fitness advice to help you lose body fat while toning up your body. The 30-day program gives you healthy habits that will allow you to achieve your goal.

What’s different about the NXT shape program?

Most other programs

  • Restrictive diet that excludes food groups or at the opposite focuses on a single food 
  • Diet based on meal replacements or magic pills
  • 1 recipe/plan fits all
  • Plan made of tasteless meals, boring salads and soups
  • Promotes super quick and unrealistic weight loss
  • The program excludes sports…
  • …or at the opposite focuses only on cardio or specific exercises (1000 sit ups daily)
  • Super long workouts or very difficult exercises that can’t be made at home or require plenty of tools

The NXT Shape program

  • The NXT Shape Program is based on a varied and balanced diet, that includes all food groups.
  • The program helps you acquire healthy eating habits (3 meals a day). 
  • Tips are given to adapt the recipes and hence the plans to your needs, calculated here.
  • The program comes with a set of 21 easy and delicious recipes, made with whole or minimally processed ingredients.
  • A slight calorie deficit supports a steady and sustainable weight loss.
  • The NXT Shape Program combines both nutrition and fitness advice to help you reach your goal.
  • The workout booklet focuses on high intensity exercises that uses all the muscles of the body
  • 30-min workouts that require almost no material. All exercises are detailed with pictures, videos, and tips.

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