Snacking Made Fun

A healthy lifestyle and snacking do go together. Especially when you exercise regularly, you must regularly provide your body with extra energy. You can read all about smart snacking in this post!

An ideal snack before training (ideally 1 hour in advance) contains the necessary carbohydrates, but also proteins and a small amount of fat and fiber.

After your workout, your body has to recover from your physical exertion and needs building materials for this. Take in enough carbohydrates and proteins (with some healthy fats) within the first half hour after exercise, which will help replenish your lost energy and promote muscle recovery. Proteins in particular are composed of amino acids and therefore the essential building blocks of your muscles.


Do you like to eat a snack that is nutritious and fits well with your healthy lifestyle? A healthy Muscle Builder bar or Energy Bar are very tasty and handy to take with you in your sports bag. 


Check out this delicious looking chocolate protein balls breakfast blondie! This would be a great snack that you can share with friends and family. The recipe incorporates the crispy protein balls and whey vanilla protein to create this breakfast blondie.


We did gather here the most common food as well as their protein content, these also make for great snacks! Just in case you are wondering where to find the protein to match your intake! We know... You're welcome!