Roos & Femke

Roos: "I started training about 10 years ago. I was working out from time to time but never consistent. Three years ago I started weightlifting again after a long break and I loved it more than ever. I didn’t like the way I looked and my energylevel was constently low. Working out definitely made me feel better after a short time. My goal at the moment is gaining muscle mass but what I also like is improving my knowledge about training by reading books and learning from other people. The muscle builder proteïn bar and the different flavors of whey from NXT Level Sports Nutrition are my favorites and they help me with hitting my protein goal"

Femke: "I started training around the age of 16, I recently stopped dancing around that age and I really wanted to try something new. But I never really took the gym very seriously until a few years ago and always went with the feeling of having to workout instead of really wanting it. I remember getting into a really good trainingstreak about three years ago and training finally became a habit and passion of mine. My traininggoal is to become the strongest and healthiest version of myself. I’m very interested in nutrition and I like to see how strong I can get by excercising. I think those traits really help me reach my goal. The muscle builder (Raspberry Cheesecake) bar is my absolute favorite because it’s almost like a snack to me, it tastes so good and in the meantime helps me reach my goals" 

Instagram: @twogirlslifting