Patrick Olsthoorn

"My fitness journey started in 2012 as a obligation because of a combination between Cröhn's disease and obesity. This affected me negatively for a long time. I had to change the negativity. What started as an obligation soon changed into a lifestyle I didn't want to give up anymore. I made a physical transformation using both short and long term goals based on training, nutrition and protein shakes of NXT LEVEL. By setting short and long term goals I regularly experienced success. I have lost 46 kilos of fat mass, and since then it has been my goal to stay as fit as possible and gain muscle mass despite Cröhn's disease.

What I want to say? There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind. In short: I changed my mind, I've set goals, I've failed and I've achieved goals, but I always keep going and I've taken matters into my own hands. Everything is possible!"

Instagram: @patrickolsthoorn