Leanne Vijver

"Last year I started with fitness. Now I train 5/6 times a week and I also play soccer. The reason why I started with fitness, is because I wasn’t comfortable with myself. When I started exercising, I felt good again. I also wanted to change my body, I wanted to have less fat and more muscles. My trainings goal is to have as low a fat percentage as possible and to motivate other people to do fitness as well. You don't have to work out just to lose weight, but you can also train to feel comfortable with yourself. Or that you'll see more of your friends that way. I try to reach these goals to motivate myself and to show my transformation on Instagram. Besides that, I want to start my own sport label. A good-looking sport outfit is always a good motivation to go to the gym. To reach my goals I use the protein shakes and Perform BCAA 2.1.1. I love the watermelon! I get more energy while I drink the Perform BCAA and I’m very curious about the other flavors!"

Instagram: @leannevijver